Gabriella Hirst


Gabriella joined the team at the start of 2022 and immediately made a great impression with our clients, tenants and the team. Gabbie has a BA Hons in musical theatre and has travelled the world as a professional singer and dancer. In 2021 Gabbie decided to throw herself into the world of property and hasn’t looked back. Gabbie is responsible for delivering excellent service to our clients and tenants. Using her knowledge and experience of the lettings process, Gabbie keeps landlords and tenants updated on the progress of their application. By actively staying in communication with the landlords and tenants, Gabbie can ensure that minor queries and actions don’t escalate to significant delays. Through simple explanations of what to expect and what to prepare for, Gabbie is able to provide our clients with the needed support and assistance to alleviate any anxiety, especially if it is their first time renting a property.

Gabbie’s strengths lie in her ability to focus on the end-goals whilst applying a very pragmatic approach to finding solutions. Her logical and meticulous approach has resulted in very happy clients and has built a reputation that is going from strength to strength.

Outside of her professional commitments, Gabbie loves singing, playing the guitar and walks with her dog Skyler.