Klaudia Tomiak



Klaudia brings a dynamic blend of creativity and dedication to the Tattershalls team. With a Foundation Degree in Photography and a background as a School and Nursery Photographer, Klaudia mastered the art of engaging with diverse groups, capturing the perfect moments with children of all ages. This unique skill set seamlessly transitioned into a flourishing career in the property management industry.

With over two and a half years of experience in the Lettings Industry, Klaudia has found a true calling in property management. Known for exceptional communication skills and a commitment to keeping landlords and tenants well-informed about their properties, Klaudia excels in building and nurturing relationships. Their enthusiasm for property management and dedication to client satisfaction make them a standout member of our team.

As a Property Manager at Tattershalls, Klaudia ensures that every property is maintained to the highest standard, always prioritising the needs of our clients. Their passion for the role is evident in their proactive approach and the personalised care they offer as the first point of contact for our customers.

Klaudia thrives on the diversity and daily learning opportunities that come with property management. Outside of work, they enjoy baking, hiking in the scenic Peak District, traveling, and exploring new cultures.

With Klaudia on board, Tattershalls continues to deliver exceptional service and expertise in property management.