Nadia Leone


Nadia joined our lettings team in early 2021. Her primary areas of responsibility are ensuring that all property information has been collected and processed so that accurate and timely listings for new properties can be created online. Furthermore, Nadia is the point of contact for new lettings enquires and is responsible for negotiating and securing the best possible terms for her clients. Nadia schedules and conducts viewings after which she collates and maintains a register of constructive feedback for her clients. By listening to our potential tenants’ comments, we are better able to give advice and tailor our recommendations as part of our overall service. Nadia has a structured and thorough approach to the lettings’ process ensuring that nothing is missed during the tenants’ application process and that keys can be handed-over as quickly as possible. Nadia is known amongst our clients and tenants for her approachability and personable, friendly, attitude.