Sell your home with Tattershalls



Tattershalls is an established and highly-regarded sales and letting agency in central Nottingham. We have earned our reputation by always acting with the highest integrity and professionalism. Our ethos of working with our clients and not just for them means that we take the time to listen to our clients’ needs and objectives before making any recommendations. Only once we fully understand what our clients want to achieve from their properties, and the timescales that they are working within, will we formulate a sales strategy and a clear plan for implementation.

By drawing on our extensive knowledge of the Nottingham market and our network of repeat clients and contacts, we are able to effectively position and promote our clients’ properties in the crowded online marketplace. Buyers often have aspirational expectations when searching for their dream home but come to rely on our accurate information, grounded feedback and responsive support as they come to make their final choice.

Our ability to focus on our buyers’ evolving sentiment as they progress their property purchase has allowed us to build trust and deliver consistency in our performance with happy buyers and seller alike.

Please read our top tips and FAQs to learn how we can achieve great results for you.



We take the responsibility of being your appointed sales agent very seriously. Nobody benefits from a protracted sale and our reputation will only last if all parties are happy with the outcome.

“We implement a rigorous sales process which starts on day-one.”

Our valuations are backed-up by desktop research and analysis which not only compares prices in neighbouring streets and against a range of different property styles but also over time and against current trends. We want our clients to capitalise on underlying movements in the market and have their properties be presented in a confident price bracket without appearing overly ambitious.

“We know what sells.”

As part of our standard service, we actively search for value-add opportunities that, for a little extra input, can amplify the outcome. Simple things such as lighting, decorations and fresh air can make a difference when buyers view a property. Our staff will always arrive to a viewing early and carry-out a brief inspection through the eyes of a potential buyer. Appealing to the senses is an important part of the sales process. Depending on the time of day, the weather and who is attending, we will set the right mood for the occasion.

“Our clients will always hear the truth from us.”

We have a wide range of clients, each of whom may have different priorities and objectives. Where we feel that an opportunity is not being adequately addressed, we will say so. For example, if we feel that we could attract a higher sales price by recommending our client makes certain changes before the property is marketed, then we will. Depending on our client’s preferences, we are able to offer a comprehensive project and procurement management service to meet that need.

“To reach the destination you must know where you are trying to get to.”

One of the core parts of our service is the follow-through to completion of the sale. Many of our local competitors see an accepted offer as the end of their role. We are not done until keys have swapped hands.

Our team will monitor and actively engage with the conveyancing process.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as motivated as we are and we have found that even the better block managers, solicitors and land registry employees need encouragement. We will check-in with our client’s solicitor on a weekly basis and help obtain missing information from those that are sitting on it.

Our goal is to create a positive momentum with all parties subscribing to an agreed completion date and taking active steps to meet the set deadlines.

Please see our process map to learn how we can guide you through the sales process.



We want your repeat business and pride ourselves on being fair and reasonable with our fee structure.

Our comprehensive sales package includes the following as standard:

  • Free valuation of your property
  • Professional Photographs
  • 360 Virtual tour
  • 2D & 3D Floor plan
  • For Sale board outside your property (if appropriate)
  • Nationwide online marketing
  • All viewings carried out by a member of the team with full knowledge of the property
  • Property File login to view client feedback and arranged viewings
  • Access to a range of financial and conveyancing services
  • Assistance throughout the sale process until completion

We believe that good service is worth paying for which is reflected in our fees. We offer a comprehensive package as standard, so you do not need to ‘upgrade’ for further services for an inflated price.



1. How is a fair price determined?

As with any goods and services, a fair price is whatever two counter parties are prepared to transact at. We will endeavour to recommend a sales price that is as close to what the eventual sale price will be. We know our market and will try to maximise your chances of a great sale price.

2. What if I change my mind?

No problem! you are free to withdraw from a sale at any time prior to exchange. As we will have incurred time and costs to market your property, we reserve the right to recoup any costs incurred. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

3. Who do I need to inform about the sale?

If you have a mortgage on your property, you will be required to notify the bank before selling. Please ensure all the necessary permissions are obtained before asking us to sell your property.

4. Are there any regulations about the quality of my home at the point of sale?

No. However, you must disclose, when asked, information about your property through the seller’s questionnaire provided by your solicitor.

5. What can I remove from the property before the sale?

You only remove what has been agreed with the purchaser and documented in the fixtures and fittings questionnaire provided by your solicitor.



We follow a very clear process for selling properties and it is important that our clients understand that process too. We have created a simple process chart below to help navigate the journey from initial decision to sell to handing the keys over to the new owner. We would be delighted to discuss any part of the process with you further.


1. Initial client meeting

We would be delighted to visit you at your home / speak over the phone to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you.


2. Valuation

We will determine a fair value for your property in the context of the current market climate.


3. Formal instruction

We will explain our fees and terms and conditions with you, answering any questions you may have.


4. Value-add recommendations

We will give you advice on how to maximise the chances of a sale.


5. Online marketing

We will reach your potential buyers through our extensive network of online marketing platforms


6. Viewings

We offer virtual and face to face viewings to maximise your property’s exposure.

7. Offer acceptance

We will negotiate the best possible deal for you.


8. Conveyancing

We will assist you through the conveyancing process to conclude the transaction.


9. Keys

We will welcome your buyer to their new home by ensuring the hand over runs smoothly.


10. Client Feedback

We will sit and listen to what your feedback is, so we can improve our service.



1. Be clear on why you are selling

Depending on whether you have say, out-grown the property or need to relocate, your priorities and objectives can be very different. Be honest with yourself about why you are selling and what you want to achieve from the sale.

2. Set realistic goals on pricing and timings

Research your market; it may have changed dramatically over time.

Factor-in the time it takes for contracts to be drawn-up and all parties to be ready to exchange and complete.

3. Appoint your solicitor and set clear deadlines

Set any hard deadlines in advance and agree how and when you will communicate with each other.

4. Share any relevant information with your agent before viewings are scheduled

Be clear on any enforceable rights of way, service charge and other costs, timing of major renovation works etc.

5. Prepare for the sale

  • Start collating the necessary title information before it is required.
  • Carry-out the obvious (minor) repairs that will be noticed on viewings.
  • De-clutter the rooms and remove personal items.
  • Provide hand-sanitiser and masks for potential viewings.
  • Provide shoe coverings if required

6. Have your next accommodation ready

If you are moving home, make sure you have somewhere appropriate to move to.

Assess any risks and costs associated with moving out.

7. Don’t become incommunicado

When deals fall through it is often because the buyer (or seller) felt that something was wrong and was not being suitably addressed. Property really is a people business; respond to queries and requests honestly and in a timely manner.

8. Be prepared to compromise

People’s situations can be fluid and prone to change. Focus on the bigger picture and don’t get too hung-up on small issues if it helps to get the deal across the line.

9. Listen to the advice you are given

We will relay all information gleaned about your property to you after every viewing and sometimes the feedback is not what you want to hear. What was fashionable and desirable when you bought the property may not still be today. Far better to make changes to either the property or your expectations than sit waiting for the one buyer that sees it your way.

10. Have fun along the way!

Buying and selling property can be a very stressful time but it doesn’t have to be. Good planning and preparation can go a long way and dealing with any situations in a positive and proactive way can greatly impact your enjoyment and sense of accomplishment.